international work day
about the active role
of cartooning in society
journée internationale
de travail sur le rôle actif
du dessin de presse dans la société
اليوم الدولي
للإشتغال على الدور الفعال
لرسوم الصحف في المجتمع

the Press & Cartooning Global Forum

Full funding for this annual event is provided by the organizers and institutional and private sponsors. The costs are divided between the rent of the spaces, the organizational resources, the communication tools, and the equipment and reception staff on the spot. Money is managed by the association Saint-Just Culture Loisir Salon who receives the funds and gives them back to the different project stakeholders. In 2018, the first edition reached a total budget of € 66,200 and was supported according to the following breakdown:

This is a huge investment that has been made by the organizers for this project to emerge, and they will not be able to continue to finance it alone.

In the same way that the Press & Cartooning Global Forum are a joint work to bring out local initiatives, their financing must be shared.

We therefore need you so that the project can continue. Even the smallest donations help. (The big ones as well!)