international work day
about the active role
of cartooning in society
journée internationale
de travail sur le rôle actif
du dessin de presse dans la société
اليوم الدولي
للإشتغال على الدور الفعال
لرسوم الصحف في المجتمع

2017 - 2030

12 years to create a global dynamic around press design.

The cartooning is a rich, plural and engaged world.
Yet its actors, as many as they are committed, are often in a situation, and with a heavy feeling of isolation.
Despite large and very active organizations, the synergies are difficult to create between dynamics and projects.

The Press & Cartooning Global Forum is a gathering, an appointment of organizations among themselves, and not a new structure. They do not replace or compete with any of the actions they take, but bring them together, federate them and allow them to pool their actions: NGOs, associations, citizens, civil society, administrations, politicians. This is a unique opportunity for all of them to meet in one place and share their experiences on the ground.

The Press & Cartooning Global Forum ambition, by organizing an annual physical meeting between all the actors involved in cartooning, information, education and creation, is to connect them all within a network of cooperation and pooling of resources, knowledge and actions.

The integration of this project in the program of the SDG2030 makes it possible to rely on the transnational dynamics carried by the UN, to sign the political scope of the Press & Cartooning Global Forum and his network, to contextualize the recommendations resulting from the works in a given time and a perspective of improving society.

2017 to 2030. 10 years!

It is a calendar of long appearance but whose deadline is actually very close. This time limit makes it possible to grasp the urgency and keep pace with the deployment of this network. After two years of implementation and refinement of operation, each Press & Cartooning Global Forum new edition will report on the actions it has made possible, and how to strengthen each year even more.

In 2030, we hope that all the global players in cartooning will be connected, get together, that all countries will be represented and that the resulting recommendations will be a powerful support for all those who will need help from this network to continue drawing, informing, creating, educating, freely, as well as a reminder to all the leaders of what humanity requires of them, in solidarity.

Let us show all those who would like to see the disappearance of cartooning, to those who use their power to stifle freedom of expression, to inform, create, educate, show their collective strength, international cooperation , the sharing of knowledge, the mutual action, let us show them that the cartooning is alive, powerful, active, show how much the cartooning represents, already, a treasure, a high value, a powerful motor for the world and for the improvement of society.