international work day
about the active role
of cartooning in society
journée internationale
de travail sur le rôle actif
du dessin de presse dans la société
اليوم الدولي
للإشتغال على الدور الفعال
لرسوم الصحف في المجتمع

Two working sessions
at St-Just Festival

The two informal sessions organized in Saint-Just to prepare and conclude the EGDP in Paris make it possible to make a strong conclusion: to take part in the Cartooning Global Forum is to become aware that we are experiencing something extraordinary; in a round table, discover that we have a 360° vision of the world of cartooning with the physical presence of more than 20 nationalities, representative of the five continents, representative of all the nuances that make up this universe so special. And what we consider a right, an acquired, the holy sacro freedom of expression, is only a chimera or even aberration a few hundred kilometers from France.

Contrary to what some may think, cartooning is not a weapon, it is much more than that: a small seed that can be sprouted in the voluntary minds that will grow on any space of freedom around the world.

In 37 years, the Salon of Saint-Just-le-Martel has become the world capital of cartooning, capital of sharing, freedom.
A unique place where one displays his differences without fear of being judged, a place where the pressures of the big ones of this world, whether political or religious, have no place. Extraordinary is not a big enough word. The organization of the Global Forum at the UNESCO House in Paris during and with representatives of the Salon seems obvious. It is not a question of creating an additional association of cartoonists, but of offering a space where everyone can contribute their stone to a collective edifice whose ambition is to allow the drawing of press to shine on the five continents , « freely ».


Sophie Bros
Member of the Association of the International Festival of Caricature, Cartooning and Drawing of Humor of Saint-Just-le-Martel