international work day
about the active role
of cartooning in society
journée internationale
de travail sur le rôle actif
du dessin de presse dans la société
يوم العمل الدولي
عن الدور النشط
من كاريكاتور للمجتمع
יום עבודה בינלאומי
על התפקיד הפעיל
של קריקטורה לחברה

Previsional-program of the working sessions and 2019 side events

International Working Day / Program SDG2030

(Program likely to change)

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019 will be held the second edition of the Cartooning Global Forum. This year the event is hosted by the City Hall of Paris and Mrs Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris. For this second year (based on a calendar until 2030), this new international working day on the role of cartooning in society will be more unifying and multidisciplinary. With always as a line of reflection: Questioning the professions of cartooning, journalism and creation, to meet and think together on the issues of promoting freedom of expression, equality, education and peace.

The working day will be devoted to two topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the morning on the Cartooning as a tool of peace and justice; and the afternoon on Pedagogy, field actions and education policies.
(Programme likely to evolve)

The major evolution in the functioning of the CGF this year, inspired by the negotiation sessions at the COP, will be to make emerge recommendations at both meetings and validate them collegially. Thus the recommendations made by the CGF will be designed and validated by all the participants in the working day in their finalized form.

Events in dialogue

(Program likely to change)

Around these Global Forum, with the support of the partners, three events will take place in three flagship institutions in Paris. Their objectives will be to feed the reflections and to always consolidate the working networks within the Global Forum.

– Pedagogy and transmission: “The Big Workshop of the Children”
(provisional title)

On Tuesday 1st October afternoon, an event about pedagogy and the role of cartooning among young audiences will take place in the Great Hall of the City Hall of Paris. It will bring together associations working in cartooning education with classes of students in Paris, around “workshops” to highlight the pedagogical practices including drawing press and especially to convey the concept of  liberty of expression for young people.
This will also be an opportunity for associations to discuss their different methods of transmission, image education and with image; and therefore to consolidate their actions and their network.
(Program subject to change)

Each of the associations invited to participate, will be able to demonstrate its teaching methods: reading and decrypting media and information, exercising critical speech and freedom of expression, drawing techniques, scripting, use of drawing to restore self-confidence.

– Collections and Conservations of press drawing
(provisional title)

The morning of Thursday, October 3, a working session in a large institution dedicated to the conservation will be the opportunity to consider from several angles, the press design: conservation, valuation, art market, etc. With a presentation of collections of preserved press drawings and the stakes of the profession of curator.
A visit of the institution is in preparation.This work session is open only on nominal reservation, 25 participants max.
(Program subject to change)

– When censorship is exposed

The Soufflot Gallery of the University Pantheon Sorbonne Paris 1 has proposed to exhibit censored cartoons that will take place as part of the exhibition program of the university. The inauguration of the exhibition will close with a drink of friendship.
(program subject to change)