international work day
about the active role
of cartooning in society
journée internationale
de travail sur le rôle actif
du dessin de presse dans la société
يوم العمل الدولي
عن الدور النشط
من كاريكاتور للمجتمع
יום עבודה בינלאומי
על התפקיד הפעיל
של קריקטורה לחברה

The Cartooning Global Forum

The general statements of the press cartoon make it possible, during an annual meeting, to facilitate the meeting and exchange around the active role of press drawing in society. Multiple actors are then unveiled during a day of production of recommendations integrated into the SDG2030.

These Sustainable Development Goals invite governments to invest in concrete initiatives aimed at improving the lives of their inhabitants and their relationship to the planet, particularly with regard to the societal dimension.

This annual working day follows the first reflections held in March 2017 at UNESCO during the round table “The issue of press design and its future”, supported by the Permanent Delegations of France and Switzerland to UNESCO and organized by the agency Si, as part of the exhibition event “The press in Liberty”.

2018 speech acts

Think and act together
to build peace

Freedom of speech,
so dear to us

Speak out freely, always,
for democracy’s sake.

Building a strong and
multilateral network

Education and creation:
a global challenge

everyone has a role to play

A new step
at the 37th St-Just Festival

Two working sessions
at St-Just Festival

The challenge:
6 hours of work, short talks
for a maximized exchange

CGF closure evening
at Paris City Hall

Side Event - House of Victor Hugo
Visit of the exhibition "Victor Hugo :
a history of Political Caricature"

2018 Steering Committee

2019 Steering Committee

Previsional-program of the working sessions and 2019 side events

Cartooning Global Forum
2018 recommendations